Since we started Dirept we have been driven by our wish to simplify the regulatory reporting. In our efforts to simplify the reporting we chose to first focus on the web based interface that our users interact with. Making the sheets as similar to the excel sheets provided by the authorities as possible but also trying to make them as appealing as possible. Ofcourse we have spent a lot of time working on the the template selection and validation feedback as well, making it easier for our users.

Our next area of focus was to simplify our clients data structure. With our in depth knowledge of both XBRL and classical Business Intelligence coupled with our experience from the banking and insurance industry we can simplify any XBRL-based reporting process and also make sure that it is reusable within your organization.

Is your organization reporting Corep, Finrep or Solvency II? Is your organization going to report to ESMA starting 2020?

Contact us at and we will help you simplify your reporting.