The swedish FSA finansinspektionen today ruled two of the EBAs validation rules as incorrect. The two rules should only be run if you are reporting the Corep report C 04. The two validation rules are:

  • e4887_e – Existence Assertion ID: eba_e4887_e Message: e4887_e: [C 04.00] {C 04.00, r850, c010} != empty
  • e4888_e – Existence Assertion ID: eba_e4888_e Message: e4888_e: [C 04.00] {C 04.00, r860, c010} != empty

The bugs in the validations rules were found by Dirept together with one of our clients. Since basically all of the Europan FSAs use the taxonomy from the EBA there is a great risk that your system provider or even your FSA are not yet aware of these bugs. The EBA has provided an excel sheet on the first of june 2017 where they have corrected these validation rules but it has not yet propagated all the way to all system providers and FSAs.

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